Thursday, September 14, 2017

Consistent and Ready

 Be ready in and out of season . . . (2 Timothy 4:2)

Two earmarks of being a Spirit-filled believer are consistency and readiness. Consistency reveals obedience and dependence on the Lord that keeps us steady, dependable, and trustworthy in spiritual things. We are called to present a useful and consistent example to the people we live and work with, relying on the power and goodness of Jesus in every situation. Readiness speaks of being prepared to display godly character even in the face of forces and circumstances working against us. Though the winds of life blow hard and often, we hold on to the unchanging Word of God, proving that it has the power to keep us standing and victorious in these uncertain times.

No one knows when Jesus will return, so we must be ready. No one knows when everything we've come to depend on might be taken away, so we must be found trusting only in Him. Each of us must form the devotional habits that will sustain us in and out of season, when things are well and when they are ill. We will fall back upon that which we have cultivated when times are uncertain; and it is a good thing if we are found practicing  the disciplines of prayer, heeding the Word, Spirit-led worship, and the fellowship of believers. That is what Jesus is seeking when He returns. That is what He is seeking now. Are you ready?

Let's Pray - Lord, I desire to be consistently obedient to Your Word and Your promptings. Help me stay rooted and grounded in my spirit, and willing and ready to do Your will! Amen.


  1. Thank you Jesus. Pastor after spending most of my life only hearing the gospel and Word that has always been so complicated....I am so awed by hearing it in such a simple way. God being so near, so present as only having to reach out to Him, and being able to follow Him as He does what only He can do in and with AN AWESOME PLACE TO BE IN. Thankful, grateful, as HE IS BEING MORE THAN ENOUGH for and to me. Thank you for these daily Words of Life...they are my daily breath.

  2. Yes sir. The Spirit in me is always ready, consistent, and willing. Trusting God to increase His Spirit and have His way in me as I seek Him in the house, word, and closet of prayer.