Friday, August 11, 2017

Teachers Take Heed

He must increase, but I must decrease. (John 3:30)

The Holy Spirit is the only Teacher in the Church of Jesus Christ. The ONLY Teacher. We may teach (and well we should), but the Spirit is the only Person with the authority from above to teach and reveal the Father and the Son in our hearts. We do well to receive and remember this truth. This affords us the freedom to "let go and let God," once we have been obedient to share the Word as He has directed. We are not responsible to make men understand or love the Lord, nor are we responsible for their growth and maturity in spiritual things. We do not have any lordship whatever over another saint's faith; that is between them and the Lord. The more we decrease, the sooner we decrease, the more purposeful we are about decreasing, the better. Many teachers have stumbled over the stumbling block of self-importance, and that never ends well. Never. Take heed to yourselves, teachers.

Let's Pray - Father, may each of us who teach Your Word do so according to the leading of Your Spirit and according to Your truth. May we remember we will be judged on a stricter basis, and may we approach our calling wit fear and trembling. In Jesus Christ, amen.

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